Tag Pickups

Please do let me know when you have picked up your tags, so that I may delete them.  Most times, tags with names will stay no longer than 7 days.
Check all of the pages listed below to make sure you have gotten all of your tags.

Here are some snaggable tags while you wait. Do not alter these tags. Do not add your name to these tags. Do not cut off or alter the credit lines in any way. Do not crop these tags to different sizes. Do not resize these tags. These are for personal display use only. You can use them in forums and social medias, or you can just keep them in a folder to look at from time to time.

Here is the album they will be kept in forever: https://public.fotki.com/ReneKunert/snags/

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54 thoughts on “Tag Pickups

  1. Hey Rene’ Could i get that tag with Dark
    I only use Drakarnoir because FB won’t let me use Dark lol
    Love the tag it’s AWESOME ♥

  2. Thank you, I grabbed a couple of your beautiful snags.
    They will be used as it, they will not be altered in any way
    Thank you

  3. My tags are beautiful Rene as always!
    I requested 4, but can only find the 2 up there.
    If I can be pointed to them I well grab them too!
    Thank you so very much! xoxo

    1. I am so so sorry about that! I think I accidentally mistook your name for another person and missed two of them. I have uploaded them to the Fotki album, but here are the direct links smile