Pesky Shadows

Have you ever noticed that your shadows hang over the side of your tag? Kind of annoying, aren’t they? Just kinda chop off into nothing… ugh! So frustrating. Let’s get rid of those pesky buggers!

Highlight the bottom-most element layer, above any masks you’ve added.

Hold the shift key and highlight the top-most element. Include your tube(s) in the highlight. Don’t include any text that you have sitting on top of your tag.

All of your element layers should be highlighted now.

Layer > Group Layers

EDIT: A little clarification on the “mask” layers. This is referring to the layers that you used the premade masks on. Your paper layers that you used inside the frames go into the group. If you don’t add those in there, your tag might look a little funny. Refer to the video below for more clarification on this part.

Right click the mask thumbnail of your masked layers at the very bottom. Choose “Add Mask to Selection.”

Repeat this with all other masked layers. (All layers that have the black/white thumbnail addition.)

Now… right click the bottom element layer’s thumbnail (in this case, the frame element) and choose “Add transparency Mask.”

Repeat this with all other element layers.

You should now have “marching ants” all around your tag.

Highlight your group in the layers panel and then go to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection

Viola! Shadows have been trimmed. Perfect.