Please do not alter these tags. They are for my personal show-off collection. These are all tags NOT included in tutorials. If you like one of these tags enough to ask me for it, you can use the contact form. If I have the tag still available in layered format, I may be able to manage you a copy. However, please give me time to go through all of my mail, first. It may take a couple of days to get to your request. Please remember to use a valid email address whey contacting me, as I will be replying to that address.

Just random tags that I have made over the years.

This isn’t all of them. There are SO MANY MORE! But I don’t have enough space to display them all bigsmile

If you happen to see a tag that you would like featured in a tutorial, please let me know via the contact form. I may not be able to use the exact scrap it, but I will try to get it as close as possible.

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