Hello! I am René!

I have a few hobbies. Well, more than a few, actually. My main hobby being art. If you’d like to see more about that, you can visit my main website.

Besides that, I love to crochet! I have a ton of things made just laying around my house. Ask me about my yarn; I dare you.

Music. I love music… No matter what I am creating, music is playing. Not only is music playing, but I am most likely singing along. However, I can’t sing in front of people, no matter how much I like to sing lol. I wanna do karaoke so bad, but my brain doesn’t let me. Oh well.

Last, and certainly not least, I like tagging! And that is what THIS blog is all about! My love for tags.

Unfortunately, I can’t operate Paint Shop Pro. I tried. I really did… but my hands weren’t having any of that! So, Photoshop it is. I have grown up with Photoshop. I was there in the beginning. I remember my very own first copy of photoshop for recreational use. (haha). Photoshop 4.0… Man, that seems like eons ago.

I used to do a lot of icon design and wallpapers when the internet first became a big thing. I still have a few of those files! They have traveled from different floppy drives, CDs, and thumb drives… Maybe one of these days I will pull some of those old bastards out of the closet and show you.

But for now, let’s focus on tagging. Tutorials. Since I had been asked over and over how I had done certain things, I figured it was time to actually write some of it down. So, here we are.

Now… there may be LOTS of time between tutorials. up to 16 months, even… but rest assured, more will come wink

I hope you all enjoy what I have put together here, and grab some of the free stuff I have available, while you are here! smile