A Little Inactive

I know I haven’t been around a whole lot lately, but I have been having a LOT going on. First, the move to Romania kinda took a lot out of us. It took us a month to actually get the place ready for us to move in, then another month for our things to arrive. Of course, that doesn’t make an excuse for now, since that was almost a year ago, but it did take us MONTHS to get back on track after that.

Then we took a trip to the states in March to visit my mom. That was fun! We stayed a month. Then I went back in May to become a grandma! That is so neat! I am a grandma! I am too young for this… lol…

Then afterward, my mom came back to Romania with me for 2 weeks. We took her all over the countryside to check out the stuff.

We also went to Bran Castle. You know the one that is famous for being the home of Dracula. Since I am a huge vampire fan, that HAD TO HAPPEN! But, let me tell you. Castles are NOT as big as they are portrayed in the movies. The hallways and stairways are only big enough for one person to walk through at a time.

She went home about a week ago, so now I am finally back in order to do the things I usually do. I don’t exactly have a routine, so it is hard to build that back up again. So hopefully soon, I will start writing more tutorials and handing out freebies again, like usual.

See you soon!