Just like always. Don’t share these! Please send people here to download, personally. Do not upload these files anywhere. If used in tutorials, please link to this page.

You can alter these before use! Change the color, size, overlap them, combine them, whatever your heart desires!

These animations are in PSD format, but they will work with Animation Shop. Simply open the file like you would and MNG file and create your tag like normal!

If you are having trouble downloading any of the items, you can go to my Dropbox folder.

Instructions for Use
For use in PaintShopPro:
Simply take the animation into PSP and unhide all the layers. Save and reopen in AS.

Open the tag you wish to animate.
Duplicate the frames to match the frames in the animation.
Select all frames in the animation and then Copy.
Select all frames in the tag and then Paste into the selection.
Adjust your frame properties and save.

Photoshop usage instructions: This tutorial is for a tag, but I have skipped you directly to the part about adding the animation to the tag.

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