Seeing Red Wallpaper

To prepare for this tutorial, you must do another tutorial.  This one is just showing how to create a wallpaper from an existing tag that you’ve created.

Do the Seeing Red tag tutorial and then come back to this page.  Skip the animation part, though! Not many desktops will allow for animated wallpapers.

Created using the CC2018 version of Photoshop. 

Seeing Red Scrap Kit – Not available at the moment
Mask 491 from Package 10 of my masks
Isolate Mask Action
69-1-Enamorte from CDO
The font I am using is Arbatosh Regular

Please do not use any of the licensed supplies without purchasing them first.

Open a new image the size of the wallpaper you want to use.  If you don’t know your screen size, simply take a screenshot of your current work area and use that as your base.

I am using 1920 x 1200.

Open a paper from the kit you used to create your tag.  I chose AoRK-SeeingRed-pap46.jpg
Place it on the wallpaper canvas.

Don’t forget to set the Transformation by double clicking the layer on the canvas, or clicking the checkbox at the top of the window. 

This time, we won’t be needing the Smart Object, so you can right click the layer and choose “Rasterize Layer.”

Use the move tool to situate the paper in the upper left corner.
Duplicate this layer and go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal.
Use your move tool to slide it over to exactly meet the edge of the original paper layer.
Duplicate this layer and go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal.
Merge these 3 layers together.
Move this duplicate to meed exactly at the edge of the first duplicate.  This makes the paper 3 times as wide seamlessly.

Duplicate this merged layer and go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical.
Move this layer to exactly meet up at the bottom of the original merged paper.
Merge this layer down.

This will leave you with a background filled with your chosen paper.

This concludes the background of your wallpaper!  Now to add the tag.

File > Open…
Find the PSD of tag that you created and open it.  You did save that, didn’t you?  I sure hope so!

Select > All Layers
Layer > Group Layers

Right click the group and choose Duplicate.  DO NOT HIT OK, YET!

Find your wallpaper canvas in the Destination dropdown box:

After you’ve duplicated the group, you can close your tag without saving.

Back to your wallpaper.

You will notice that the white layer moved over to your wallpaper.  Expand the group in your layers panel by clicking on the little arrow beside the folder icon.  Find the white layer and delete it.

Highlight your group.  Be sure you are on the group!  If not, you could be moving things you don’t want to move.  We all know how that goes, right? RIGHT??? Oh wait… that might just be me…

Now, use your move tool to position your tag where you want it on the wallpaper.
If you would like it to be centered, then do this:
Select > All 
Layer > Align Layer To Selection > Vertical Center 
Layer > Align Layer To Selection > Horizontal Center 
Select > None

Flatten and Save For Web, just like your tag.

However… You see that I had you use the PSD of the tag instead of the PNG, right?  There’s a reason for that.  You can alter the look of your wallpaper.
I like to spread out the  elements and change the text.  maybe add a few more little elements.

Ohhhh right!  I am supposed to be adding a border to this wallpaper.  A certain person might come kick my butt!  (sorry Stu lol)

You can flatten your wallpaper now.  Might be easier to work with things.  I choose to just collapse the group.  That way, I can change it later if I want.

Create a new layer.  You can name it “border” if you like.

After you’ve done that Select > All
Select > Modify > Contract…  
Make sure you CHECK the box to apply affect at the bounds:

Edit > Fill…
Choose 50% gray.

Select > Modify > Contract…
Another 15 pixels.
Hit delete on your keyboard.
Select > None

Now, let’s add some style!

 And there you have it!  A completed wallpaper created from a previously created tag! 
Actually… 3 wallpapers created from one tag haha! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Hopefully more to come!