Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to animate WITHOUT the grain of a gif file?

You know you can, right? But it takes some work, and the file is HUGE.

This gif tag is 217 KB. That’s a pretty decent size for an animated gif image.

This animated png tag is 709 KB. That is pretty damned big for a tag this size.

Just look at that difference! It’s amazing that an animation can look this good.

There is a slight problem, though.

No programs that I know of, at the moment, will combine an APNG for us… so instead, there is a website that will put it together. https://ezgif.com/apng-maker/

Also… not all browsers support the animation. They will simply show the static first frame of the image. Also, some browsers take a little while to load it and will show inverted colors until the whole thing loads completely.

I have been hoping for a couple of years that this could become a norm for animations displayed online, but alas, the people think the file size is too big, so it’s probably never going to be a standard thing. At least not anytime soon.

A gal can dream.

If you would like to know how to do this:

After you have completely finished your tag, animation and all. No more edits kind of finished.

Go to the 4 horizontal lines in your animation panel and choose “Flatten frames into Layers.”

This will add all of the animation frames to your layers panel.

Highlight all of the frames, right click, and choose “Quick Export as PNG.:

If you don’t have that option, choose “Export As…” instead.

Make sure it is in PNG fomat.

Export into your folder of choice.

On the EzGif website, you can upload the images all at once and they will stay in order.

Enjoy your playtime!

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