Name Action

Did you know that you can duplicate your action without having to write it again? Did you know that you can edit the steps in your duplicate action without having to write it again?? Well, you are in luck! Let’s get to it.

This one is the easiest, so I will show you how. Let’s say you are recording a separate action for each name.

So you have your first one down. It works exactly the way it should! No problem! But you don’t want to have to write the whole thing again. You don’t have to!

Highlight the action in the Actions panel.

Click on the 4 horizontal lines at the top right of the panel and choose “Duplicate.”

You can double click on the title of the action and give it a new name. It is best if you name them the same as the name you are recording for.

But there is more…

Expand the action and find the “Set current text layer” option.

Double click that option and it will prompt you to change the text on your tag. It will be tiny, so don’t typo! Now type out the new name.

Hit the commit button at the top of your screen.


Now find the “Export” option.

Double click that one.

This will bring up the export panel again. Hit the save button and set it to save as the new name. Don’t worry about the font being tiny still. It won’t make any matter.

Delete the newly saved tag from the desktop (or wherever you saved it).

Hit play on this new action to see if it saves right as the new name.

It does??? PERFECT! Now you have your second action without having to rewrite it.

When you write a separate action for each name, you have to individually click each action to save each tag name. Or do you?

When you double click an action, you can set the name, AND you can add a function key.

Here, I have set the function keys to look like this:

Now, if I hold the shift key while pressing F1, it will play the action for the name Rene. Same for the other. If I hold the shift key while I press the F2 key, it will play the name for giZZy.

Here’s where that comes in handy. If you are recording an action, you can’t play another action at the same time. But wait! Yes you can!

Make sure you have your tag open. Also make sure you have already set the Character Styles of the tag. If you haven’t. Set the styles, hide/unhide the text layer, save, and close. Reopen the tag when you are ready.

Add a new action to the set. Name it something like “ALL NAMES.”

Now… Hold the shift key and press F1. This will play the action you recorded earlier. When that action is finished, hold the shift key and press the F2 button. This will play the second name action in your actions panel. When that action is finished playing, stop the recording.

Your action should look like this:

Check out your desktop. Are both tags saved? Great! Check them over to make sure the names and copyrights are all in place as they should be. Everything look good? Perfect! Delete them.

Highlight the ALL NAMES action again and press play. Check them over again. When writing actions, you want to make sure everything works more than once. If it works more than once on one tag, and it works again on another tag, then you have officially successfully tested your action.

You can set each action a different function key and run as many names as you want. Of course, there is a limit to the number of actions you can put into another action, but I don’t think the average tagger has to worry about that number. It’s large.

Now, just like in the layers panel, you can collapse that action and move it up to the top of the list, just in case you want to add more names to the list. That way, it doesn’t get buried in your actions. Easier to find.