Name Action

To test out if your action works, delete the tag you just saved from your desktop.

Now click on the title of your action. In this case “GIF.”

Click on the play button at the bottom of your panel. You won’t see it working, but you will encounter a need to wait. Depending on your computer speed, it could take a long time if you get several names in the action.

Now that the action is finished playing, check your desktop. Check the tag over really well to see if it looks the way it should. Name in place? Copyrights in place? Great!

This is my tag after I ran the action. Name is changed, but the font and size has stayed the same!

If everything looks right, then click the arrow beside the action title to collapse it. This will make sure you don’t accidentally start your action in the middle. That can really mess some things up! lol

If it doesn’t, you will need to start over. Your actions panel MUST look exactly like what I have there. If there are extra steps, or missing steps, you will need to delete the action and start over.

Don’t get discouraged, though! It has taken me YEARS to figure all of this out! So I didn’t want you to have to go through the same struggle.

Here is where we REALLY test out the action.

Open another tag.

We need to repeat the creation of the Character Style.

Go back to the page with the *** Character Style *** prompt. Repeat that. Be sure you have the name layer highlighted in the layers panel. Close and reopen the tag. Don’t continue the tutorial after you reopen the tag, though. Instead of recording an action, simply press play on the action you already created.

Once the action is finished, check the tag over real good, again. Font in place as it should be? It’s not the same font as the last tag, right? Copyrights intact? Fantastic!

You have now created and tested your first name action.